Ashley Perrone - MPH RDN CDN

Ashley Perrone - MPH RDN CDN
Ashley Perrone - MPH RDN CDN

Ashley is a registered dietitian who specializes in helping individuals create peace with food and body image. She recognized early in her career that the diet industry has created a hostile environment around food – which all too often has a significant impact on the joy of eating. As a result, Ashley has dedicated her career to bringing back that joy. If you are experiencing the frustrating effects of yo-yo dieting, are struggling with disordered eating, experiencing family mealtime distress, or emotional eating, Ashley would love to help you discover what works for you. For those wanting to gain better understanding and control of their diabetes, hypertension, GI distress, or other nutrition-related concerns, Ashley will help you manage your medical conditions while creating a relationship with food that is both enjoyable and stress-free. Combining her Exercise Science degree and personal training background, Ashley also enjoys helping athletes fuel their sport(s)-while helping them learn to listen to and trust their hunger and satiety cues to optimize their nutrition and hydration intake.

Ashley graduated from UNC Wilmington with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and from UNC Chapel Hill with a master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition. It was during these critical years where she discovered the possibilities for health and happiness and developed her passion for helping people find their own path to wellbeing. She completed her dietetic internships in the areas of child nutrition, clinical nutrition, and eating disorders. As a former personal trainer, she also understands what it takes to find joyful movement in everyday life and emphasizes the importance of finding sources of activity that are fun. Nutrition therapy with Ashley will be individualized to your own personal needs and preferences. She will create an environment where you can feel free to express your concerns and wishes without judgement. Together, we will work on the principles of intuitive eating and finding what works best for you. Understanding that each client is the expert on themselves, she will be compassionate and supportive while she helps you establish and reach your goals the way they fit into your life.


  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Masters of Public Health Nutrition from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • NY State Licensed Certified Dietitian Nutritionist (C.D.N)
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics active member
  • International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians member


Ashley enjoys exploring new places in NYC with her boyfriend and their dog, Milo. She spends most of her time outdoors (when it’s not below freezing) and sees every day as a new adventure. She can usually be found reading a good book at a local coffee shop, cooking up a new recipe, or trying out some new types of exercises (current favorites: hot yoga and dance classes!). As a self-proclaimed foodie, she is always on the hunt for new restaurants and local spots. Ashley also loves to travel and was lucky enough to spend two weeks in 5 different cities in Europe tasting her way through each country as she went. With her recent move to NYC, she is now embracing the concept of “stay-cations” and is very excited to getting to know her new home better.


Ashley believes in the philosophies behind Health at Every Size and takes on a non-diet approach with her clients. She believes that all foods fit in the realm of health, and that body positivity is key to overall wellbeing. Traditional “dieting” is restrictive and often leads to intense cravings, which can then lead to guilt and eventually to the opposite of what they intend to do. By generating a positive relationship with food and your body, Ashley will help you regain a sense of empowerment over your food choices and feel at peace with eating. She establishes her role as a Dietitian as one who encourages food peace, not the food police, and is passionate about helping her clients find their own journey to success (whatever that may look like for them) and improving their relationship with food.

“It’s not about what food does to your body; it’s about what food can do for your body.” -Unknown